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Just imagine…

You can have all of your communication networks with this free text messaging application in one place and easily connect with everyone you knew regardless of platform, be it a landline, cell phone, fax, SMS, email, social media etc… anywhere in the world without having to switch platforms for different people…

What if everyone you knew, no matter which platform they used— could contact you instantly— whether you are on a desktop, cell phone or text… in any country in the world!  How incredible would it be if you use this free text messaging application ?

Just imagine…



ChitrChatr is an Ultimate Communications Platform that can be used on your desktop and mobile phone.  It is a free messaging application with easy to use interfaces that will allow you to do Voice, Video, Conference calls, Text/SMS, Fax and Emails for FREE!


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videocallVoice & Video Chat


ChitrChatr features chat and video calling, group messaging, conference calls, and text messaging services all for free. It is not only a mobile messaging application; it can also be accessed from your desktop.


Our Comprehensive Universal Unified Communications Platform (CUUCP) allows users to communicate with another CUUCP user by instant text messaging, audio or video conference calls.

phone Telephone Integration


This cross platform messaging app integrates mobile messaging applications you already use, but brings them all to one place. No longer will you have to switch from Google Hangouts, to Facebook Messenger, to Talkatone,  to Libon, to BBM etc to send/receive free messages to specific contacts. ChitrChatr incorporates all your contacts on all your different chat and video calling applications under one umbrella making it much easier to connect with contacts on different platforms.


ChitrChatr users can obtain one or more phone numbers from over 65 countries. Incoming calls can be forwarded to any other phone number. When calls are received – whether the subscriber is on or offline – all calls can be forwarded to the user specified number.

sms Text/SMS


One of the most unique features with ChitrChatr text messaging program will be when you reply from your forwarded number, the recipient will receive your actual SMS number instead of the cell phone number from which you have forwarded from.

social Social Networks


While setting up your initial ChitrChatr preferences to this instant messaging app, you will input your username and password for all your social network sights, and from then on, every time you log into ChitrChatr you will automatically be logged into all your other social network sights. You can easily be directed to the social media network of your choice. If for example, a friend of yours sends you a message with this instant messaging program, and another from Facebook Chat, you will receive these messages in ChitrChatr and reply back to their respective apps, without having to switch applications.

features Advanced Features


ChitrChatr offers customized voicemail features like the ability to have voicemail/video mail go to your email. In addition to group messaging, another feature is ChitrChatr also offers a way to delete yourself from a group chat and leave the conversation. Custom ring tones for specific contacts or group conversations are another unique feature to ChitrChatr. Subscribers also have the ability to update their status and profile picture.

protocol Multi Protocol


Once a ChitrChatr subscriber logs into ChitrChatr’s Comprehensive Universal Unified Communications Platform (CUUCP), it will automatically log into all other accounts of the subscriber in services such as Yahoo,  MSN, Google Hangouts,  Facebook, etc. The subscriber will be able to communicate using this free messaging application with its contacts in all those platforms within CUUCP without having to log into each individual account. Screen sharing, sending and receiving file will also be a feature available in the Instant Messaging window.

email Email


ChitrChatr emails will incorporate all the features currently available on other platforms like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and will allow the subscriber to receive emails from all their different email accounts through this messaging program into ChitrChatr email account. And be able to reply back from ChitrChatr using your incoming email account i.e. Gmail as a default for that particular reply. As a ChitrChatr subscriber you will no longer need to sign into all of your various email accounts just to receive and reply to emails.

fax Fax Service


With a ChitrChatr phone number, you will be able to send and receive telephone, SMS/text, and faxes to and from that single number using ChitrChatr free messaging application. When someone sends you a fax, the ChitrChatr system will identify it as a fax, and it will forward it to a fax machine, email address, and can also be viewed on your ChitrChatr app on your desktop or cell phone. As a subscriber you will be able to choose your preferences while setting up your fax.